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                            Social Planning

    Social planning is when a group of people related in some way to a specific community come together and make "plans' for the development of a program or service. There has to exist, in most cases, a general community consensus that such a service is needed or wanted.

    The planning group decides what the particular needs are that need to be met. They approach the people who would benefit from such a program or service and see to "sell", "convince" and to get them involved with the anticipated program.

    The planning effort makes heavy use of statistics, data, or facts about the issue. The view is that they are taking an intellectual, factual, and objective approach to a need or social problem. Much of the time the group doing the planning will not be the recipients of the service.

    High quality plans follow a seven step planning model:

        *Mission Statement
        *Need Assessment/Need Statement
        *Goals Established
        * Behavioral Objectives Established
        *Tasks/Implentation Steps Established
        *Budget Established
        *Evaluation Process Planned

    Some Web Sites that are good examples of social planning are: